GPD Pocket T2 made public at Japan IT Week in Tokyo

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GPD Pocket (T2) is now exhibited at Japan IT Week in Tokyo and I tried it for a short period of time. It is the first time the Pocket is available widely for us (other than small number of selected reviewers) to touch and try.

Here’s some impression.

Construction: well done. It looks sharp and clean. The screen is fine and clear. The four edges of the panel are as narrow as possible and blacked out, so I can concentrate on the screen itself.

Built clean

On keyboard: Personally I was an opponent of swapping the location of delete and backspace keys for some reasons, however, it is not that bad. My suggestion: Just ignore delete key. Typing is not as difficult as I thought, just need some time to get accustomed to using some symbol keys such as ?, : and brackets.

Just ingore delete key

LEDs: It was not clear about the positions and roles of LEDs when GPD referred it in the comment. You can now see the two at power button.

2 LEDs

As far as I saw, when the Pocket is being charged, the left LED (orange) is on. The right LED (white) lit when waking up, so I guess it is for eMMC activity or just sleeping indicator.

Port icons:

Port icons

GPD logo on the back case:

GPD logo and certifications

Because it was not connected to the Internet then, so I cannot tell how smooth web browsing is. Yet as far as watching a movie file, it was no stress and I could not hear the noise of an active cooling fan. So I guess it was because GPD had switched it to a quieter one on T2.

Other points: As we all know already, the pointer nub is just for pointing, no clicking ability. The panel is small and too high definition in a sense, it sometimes makes me difficult to read small letters.

Overall, the Pocket is light, but not too light to be cranky to type. It is as small and powerful enough for most tasks as it is expected for. I look forward to having mine soon.

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