GPD Pocket FAQs

Official specs of GPD Pocket are here on Indiegogo or GPD web site.



– Display panel is made by JDI

– Display opens 165 degree

– No electromagnetic pen supported, but it is touch panel

– H-IPS LCD screen, Corning Gorilla Grass3, supports multi touch (5? 10 points?), resolution 1920×1200, retina level, 16:10, reflective and glossy

– No worry for scratches caused by key tops when the lid closed, because surrounding edges of the keyboard is a little bit higher than the keyboard buttons and you can make sure of it here


– No SD/microSD card slot. Use USB hub instead

– No SIM (GSM/LTE) slot. Use tethering or USB dongle

– USB 3.0 is not Thunderbolt3

– No RJ45 port with Gigabit LAN and full size HDMI port but GPD take them into consideration for the next generation

–  Can charge via Type-C connected hub

–  Type-C supports PD 2.0 fast charge

–  Maximum output resolution of HDMI and Type-C ports is 3840 x 2160

–  Type-C supports DisplayPort

– HDMI only supports output. It is micro-HDMI, not mini-HDMI


– No backlit keyboard. Instead using USB small LED (such as this) recommended

– Keyboard layout suggested, but not yet decided finally. Many requests on ;: and capslock keys

– No QWERTZ or AZERTY available, means no local keyboard layout possible. Yet, due to high demand for them, GPD plans to release software of keyboard with the different layouts and languages

– The color of track pointer not yet confirmed. But blue is strongly implied is blue. No additional replacement cap included, but the pointer nub is compatible with Lenovo’s, so easy to find in the market

– 7000mAh battery under G,H,B keys so cannot move track pointer there like Thinkpad

– Luminous and reflective paints on keyboard under consideration

– Bumps on F and J keys

–  Keyboard is scissors mechanism structure

– Power button is on the top right of the keyboard

– Keyboard material is ABS+PC

[Other hardware]

– No camera/webcam

– The unit is screwed together and easy to disassemble/reassemble, which makes easy to replace battery, but due to delivery difficulty, replacing battery for oneself is impossible. When facing battery problems, you need send Pocket to GPD for repair

– Battery is LI-PO with certification of IEC62133 and UN 38.3

– No fingerprint reader but considered for the next generation

– Czech labels for GPD Pocket under preparation by one backer in Czech Republic

– No strap hole or security wire hole

– With Bluetooth internal transmitter

– Size 180 x 106 x 18.5 mm

– eMMC (5.0 or 5.1, Samsung or Toshiba) is soldered on the board, so difficult to replace. GPD says replacing it for oneself may damage the main board

– No vacant mini PCIe slot on the board

– No GPS

– A microphone and a speaker

– Charger compatible with 100-240V, PD 2.0 Quick charge protocol,  5V/3A or 9V/2A or 12V/2A output. Full charge of 7000mAh battery takes only 1.5 hour

– Wi-Fi 802.11 a/ac/b/g/n and 2×2 MIMO, manufactured by AMPAK Technology

No One LED indicator on the device (for Power Status?), you can see it with T2 (final) prototype

– 3.5 jack for a headphone is equipped with 4-pin, so can use microphone with a headset

– GPD logo at the bottom left of the keyboard was moved to the back case according to many suggestions from backers

[OS / Software]

– Can install Ubuntu to a Win10 pre-installed Pocket, and vice versa

– No dual boot, unable to run Win10/Ubuntu at once. But can do so by using VirtualBox or VMWare for yourself

– System is 64 bit

– Win10 OS is Windows 10 Home, not Pro

[Backing / Delivery]

– GPD needs phone number when you order. Write it in the line 2 of address after fill in the all postal address in line 1. To add your phone number after you ordered, follow this:

  1. Click your (user) name on the right top of the Indiegogo page
  2. Select “My Contributions”
  3. Click “View Order Details” in the Perk section
  4. Click “EDIT SHIPPING ADDRESS” in the Payment section on the right
  5. Fill in your postal address in the “Address” then put your phone number in the “Address Line 2 (optional)” with “+” and your country code. If not sure for your country code, see this.
  6. When finish editing, click “SAVE”
  7. Now you can see the edited address in your Payment section

– To tell your “Pledge Number,” follow this:

  1. Click your (user) name on the right top of the Indiegogo page
  2. Select “My Contributions”
  3. Click “View Order Details” in the Perk section
  4. Look at the URL. The last 8 digits are your number.

– As a gift, a protective plastic film (not glass) presented. Other attached accessories are one Type-C cable & one power adapter

– US-type charger included. When need EU-type charger (=two round sticks), write “EU Plug” just after your phone number when you order. But UK-type plug  (=three placoid legs) unavailable. If uncertain, see here, US-type means type-A, EU-type is type-C&F, and UK Type-G

– Phone number needed because GPD claims if there is no phone number within your address, the transport company will refused to ship your package

– No case attached, but GPD plans to make it later

– Before deadline, can switch a perk you contributed before to another by cancel and refund the former and re-request a new perk

– GPD sends Pocket to most countries/regions by DHL, to Japan by Sagawa Express and to Russia by Singapore Post

– GPD does not get Russian FSS notification but it says no worry because it sent successfully GPD WIN to Russia before

– With valid CE, FCC, Giteki (Japan) certification

– Both Win10 Pocket and Ubuntu one shipped simultaneously (not Win10 first or Ubuntu first)

– Unlike the case with GPD WIN, this time Indiegogo supporters get first with the discounted price

– With one year warranty. When need maintenance, just send an email to

– Before shipping, GPD will email all of backers to confirm shipping address and once the Pocket is shipped out, GPD will let us know our tracking number to check the detail of logistics information

– Customized pure leather protect case will be available at GPD’s online store after Pocket shipped

A rumor of the first shipment limited to about 6,000 Pockets is officially rejected. GPD says “It’s not true and there is no limit quantity of the first shipment.”


・The hub would have One USB 3.0 (maybe Type-A), One SD card slot, and One microSD (TF) card slot. Although GPD Pocket’s USB Type-C is compatible with PD2.0, the hub does not have any port for charging. When you need it, along with full size HDMI, a bunch of choices available, such as:


(As of March 21, 2017)

(1st update Mar. 23, according to GPD’s 9th update)

(2nd update March 30, the color of trackpoint, according to a recent comment from GPD)

(3rd update March 31, according to GPD’s 10th update and info about the hub)

(4th update April 3, according to recent GPD’s comments)

(5th update April 6, according to GPD’s 12th update about leather case)

(6th update April 10, about headphone jack, keyboard software and screen scratches)

(7th update April 18, about adding phone number)

(8th update April 28, about GPD logo)

(9th update June 1, about a rumor of the number of first shipment)